It feels as if she's distant

I started to date a woman whom I had previously dated a few months back. We knew each other, we hanged out a few times, we started dating, 4 months later I got upset and called it off, chased her for a few months. We started dating again and now 4 months later we are here.

She would text me a few times during the week, (we are both busy plus she had a child). We would at least see each other 2-3 times a week. She would text me with babe or hun, she gave me a key to her place while her child is with her father for a few weeks, summer school and all. We would hold hands etc etc etc.

Recently, I've noticed she rarely if at all initiates text's. When we do text there is no hun or babe in them anymore. We see each other with less frequency. She just mentioned a camping trip she's going on a few days before she is doing it. It's for a week and she says she's going by herself. Hand holding seems to have stopped.

It's all just weird and my gut tells me somethings going on with us/her. This change was all of the sudden, and started 2 weeks ago. We've been progressing as what I think is normal, she normally made time for us but that kinda stopped, she snaps at me, she corrects me as if I was her child, when she walks me out of her pad it feels as if she's walking out a stranger.

Could be just me, but I'm getting a weird vibe here. Help me out here.

Here's the other thing which sucks, I've been looking for a new place closer to work. I found one with allot of nice extras, a 5 minute car ride from my office. The issue with that is, its very close to this women place and no I haven't talked to her about it. I really don't know if I even would want to discuss it.


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  • This is two issues so I'll handle the easier one first:

    1. Just live in the place closer to work.

    Now then:

    2. Unless we have a reason for her behavior we can't assess it. Still if this is the 4 mo. mark where you normally run off there's no reason for her to do anything but wait for you to run off. Your inconsistency in the past combined with her basic desire for perhaps something more than a fling may have simply caused her to suffer a major disinterest after a progressively smaller amount of time. You're like the fling that will be back next week. Fun for a while but you just kick them out because they are about as serious as a fake fire in a Lego set.

    • I appreciate the response, the first time we dated I was upset with her, she started to act flakey, we were to meetup and she never showed, she wouldn't return my texts, when I called her on it she said I was to involved or that I had issues. This was after 4 months and I took from it that I put more into it then she did.

      This second time around, it was her that put more effort into it only to start to be a flake once again. Again at around the 4 month mark...

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    • Again I appreciate the response.

      From what I've been told is that it wasn't a good situation. In reading your response along with what I posted I kinda know what the deal is just didn't want to admit it to myself. I just have to back off. She hasn't called it off and I feel that if I push it she'll just move further away.

    • Ah, so you've got the answer. Cheers then! I'm happy you allowed yourself to be honest with you.