Older men, how old are you? - pros and cons of dating women in their early 20s?

Or lets just say 18-25. Would you do it/Have you done it?

And how old are you?

And as an older guy, especially 30+ but could also be 25 and up, what do you see as pros and cons for dating women this age?

How do your older friends feel about this? Do they share your opinion?


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  • Perspective from the woman (I know it's not exactly what you're asking for):

    When I personally was 18-25 (when I thought where do I want to be in 5 years at that point I saw myself having a cool job & living in the city, maybe living w/a guy but not married) I was never mature enough or really ready for what a man 29+ might or should be ready for (I come from an environment where parents help their kids out into their 20's thus we aren't in a rush to grow up)... I always assumed that they were looking for someone they could end up with (I'm the type that is light hearted enough for a man to want to see himself with)... I remember nearly dating a guy who was 7 years older than me when I was 21 (I was in college he was in med school) and the idea that he might be looking for the one (if we hit it off I would end up married before I'm 25) and I was looking for a boyfriend I wasn't ready to think past that so dating him scared me and I ended up dating a mature 22 year old instead...

    I'm now 26, and my head is in a completely different place and the same for majority of my girl friends who are my age. I can't explain it but something changes when most women turn 24-26. We start thinking of where we want to be in 5 years and that usually involves wanting to be in a serious relationship (pregnant, married, engaged but at least dating the man we will end up with etc.). Honestly dating a 25-29 year old woman can still be fun and playful and she still looks great (I look super young and I still sort of am on the younger side so my age has yet to be a deterrent in any way).. There are some mature younger women especially if you live in a rural area but I've seen some of my friends waist a guy in his 30's time because she wasn't ready or grown up enough for what he wanted... Experience = maturity so a really independent younger woman might be your safest bet


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  • Oh my gosh!!! I hope older men think about dating younger girls. I love older men. I'm 18 and I think older guys are the hotteeesstt. Call me crazy but that's that. Like 25 is my limit though. Don't want to get too crazy.

  • I'm 23 and I would date a guy who's 30 without feeling weird. I will be honest, I can't stand older guys who aren't mature or stable. If we make the same amount of money and you're 10 years older than me there's something wrong with that!


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  • Women 18-23 = Cool, like to have fun.

    Women 27-32 = Experienced, don't play many games...

    Women 23-27 = Most problematic - Too "mature" to have fun, Too "immature" to settle down.