She called me a "woman" after I acted annoyed with her. Is there still a chance?

Me and this girl have been flirting using text/phone to get to know each other (haven't met), but I pushed to get to know her in person and she said:

Girl - I never know what I want x

Me - Alright then x

Girl - Grumpy x

Me - I'm good x

Girl - Here we go

And it kind of escalated into me acting cold, etc.. wondering where this would go in getting to know each other, because I feel that I only can if it's in person, not over text, but I said maybe that isn't want she wants (being we're strangers).

She said "No that's not the case. In fact for the first time in about a year I've felt in a place where I could move on if I wanted to because my ex has finally left me alone! But I just don't know what I want.."

She ended up acting off with me and I realized I was wrong to do that. I sent her a Facebook message saying I don't want us to act off with each other and she said "You started it, you're like a woman" (with a monkey face smiley), so I apologized for acting like an idiot, etc. She didn't reply to this.

So I decided the next day to change the topic:

Me - Saw #grumpybutgorgeous trend on twitter, thought of you

Girl - Haha! You're the grumpy one

Me - I am, but with a little bit of gorgeous thrown in too, haha!

Girl - Watch your head on the way out

Me - Build me a bigger door then, you'll need these (pictures of small tools)

Girl - Who says you deserve one? I might just let you bang your head

Me - If it gets me a free head massage, I'm not complaining

Girl - It doesn't

Me - That's alright, it needs work anyway

Girl - Sorry I'm in a grump and I'm still a bit annoyed at you for your female fit the other day

Me - Hadn't noticed, but I was wrong to do that. Gonna get an early one, night grumpy face

Girl - My grumpy face is all yours, I hope you're enjoying it <3 sweet dreams

All quick replies. So is it bad that she said I "acted like a woman" and should I carry on getting to know her until she knows what she wants? Of course I'll see other girls too.


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  • No it's really not that bad. It may seem bad in your male head, but when girls say stuff like that it's usually in a jokey manner and not to be taken to heart. I'd suggest keeping your options open, with her as well, and see where it goes :)

    • I was thinking maybe it was an ego problem haha. Her last text seemed fine, I guess when I asked her the other week what her perfect man would be, she said "Caring, loyal, funny, winner smile, knows what he wants.. a proper man!" I didn't want to show that I was not confident/not a man, because I did act opposite from that to her.

      Think it was best that I said sorry and moved off that, to show her that I'm gonna act on it, not just say it etc

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  • Sounds like harmless teasing.


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  • Sounds like she wants to get banged. That will get rid of her attitude

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