Is a simple text a good way to test the water to see if she's interested?

not sure what to do about girl and not sure how interested she is , I do have her # texted her once before a week or so ago but nothing since but I haven't seen that much of her as she's busy with work and its summer so a lot to do here . usually I just talk to her at bars and such as we seem to run into each other there , its normal for us to not see each other for a week or so

anyways my plan is to send her a simple text maybe short just asking how her wk was , but nothing to serious just see if I get any reply from her , would you agree no reply not interested but if she replies likely interested ?

so I just sent the text message , see if she replies with anything , I'm not really sure if she is or not
currently nothing I'm thinking this isn't going to well , I haven't texted her much before and last time I did she replied very soon , so thinking the text didn't go over too well


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  • Call her up and ask her out. Her response will tell you if she's interested. Texting is not a good way to gauge her interest, unless of course she doesn't respond at all.

    • well yeah its just a start I know it won't tell me everything about what she is thinking but I'm just trying to get a feel for things and I think this might be an option

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  • Not necessarily. If she doesn't reply she could just be busy or she may not have service or her phone on her or something and if she does answer she may just be trying to be friendly. Honestly the best way to find out if she likes you, is to ask. Honestly if you beat around the bush she's going to assume you just want to play games if you out right and ask her she will know your serious. If you don't want to seem desperate make your asking obvious, but not just outright. Like start will small talk, tell her you had a friend or some girl tell you that you are weird, ugly, etc. and ask if her opinion on you. Other wise you an just say "hey I think your cute do you like me?" Or something to that affect.

    • well I agree one text isn't going to tell me everything its at least a start and low risk , I'm not ready to ask her out on a date yet , I'm confused by her level of interest its hot and cold one day I see her to next so even this idea might not provide much insight but its a start maybe ?

  • I hate this if your not attached and like her TELL HER!

    I like you more than a friend? :) SIMPLE) no more wondering wishing whatever!

    In a minute you will have the answer to all your questions. Do it! Lol

  • Call

    • i'd prefer to text at this point , I think that be simple to do , calling is an option but I'd need more to talk to her about if we were to have a conversation

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