I can't understand her hot and coldness?

Me and this girl have been flirting using text/phone to get to know each other (haven't met).

But I pushed to wanting to get to know her in person, rather than text and she said "I never know what I want x". I acted a bit off here, was wondering if I was wasting my time, etc. Then I apologized after a couple of days for acting like an idiot.

Anyway, our text conversation went like this:

Me - Saw #grumpybutgorgeous trend on twitter, thought of you

Girl - Haha! You're the grumpy one

Me - I am, but with a little bit of gorgeous thrown in too, haha!

Girl - Watch your head on the way out

Me - Build me a bigger door then, you'll need these (pictures of small tools)

Girl - Who says you deserve one? I might just let you bang your head

Me - If it gets me a free head massage, I'm not complaining

Girl - It doesn't

Me - That's alright, it needs work anyway

Girl - Sorry I'm in a grump and I'm still a bit annoyed at you for your female fit the other day

Me - Hadn't noticed, but I was wrong to do that. Gonna get an early one, night grumpy face

Girl - My grumpy face is all yours, I hope you're enjoying it <3 sweet dreams

Then, 3 days later we had this:

Me - Going to rob a bank, wanna drive or shoot?

Girl - Safer that I drive; considering I have the driving license and you don't

Me - Nah, you'd drive too safe! I get the wheel.. you can hold the gear stick

Girl - Haha.. Clearly never been in the car with me

Me - If that's an invitiation, tell me the fastest you've been

Girl - 120 in my mini..

Me - That it?

Girl - Faster than you x

Me - Could run faster x

Girl - You do that then, night

Me - Okay night

They were quick responses, but why the coldness? I was going to end the conversation after she said "faster than you", but why is she acting off with me? One day she doesn't, sometimes she does?

I was thinking about not contacting and let her initiate next time, to test if she's interested. I don't want to give attention to someone who acts cold/gives bad behavior .


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  • Oh buddy. I'm a girl and I don't get girls either.

    • Haha, made me laugh. It's so frustrating, I'm not chasing her now. If she wants to get to know me, she knows where I am! Think she's leading me on or actually confused what she wants?

      Think I said something wrong?

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    • Yeah, not stupid one liners or jokes. I'll let that come out naturally when we're asking questions. If she responds like she did the other week, I'll carry on talking whilst meeting other girls. If not, then it's obvious, thanks!

    • You're welcome. Good luck pal!

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