Have anyone ever decided to take a break from DATING?

I did. My reasons:

1. I want to exert all my focus in school because I reeeally want to excel.

2. I have been very unsuccessful with dating. I use to think it was all their fault but I'm starting to think the problem is me.lol unfortunately, as of right now I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but until I discover that I shall give dating a break. :)

my only concern is this: what if I meet the right guy during this bad timing? do I risk letting him go because of issues I need to work on? what would you do if you were in my shoes?


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  • I have done the exact same thing. I came from a really conservative background, immediately fell for some troubled girl at college, got friend zoned because I had no game, and bleh. Over.

    After that, I just haven't felt like dating, it's stressful to game girls (I have learned a fair amount of how to be a decent date), and just doesn't seem worth it. It's not women's fault, I get plenty of attention, but I just don't feel like returning it. So, two years, I haven't been on a date. Basically, my sophomore college year, and I'm finishing this fall, zero dating.

    So, yeah... maybe I've missed great girls. Hell, realistically, there's no doubt I have. But I don't feel like dealing with it, so I don't. Life has plenty more to deal with.


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