Help me figure this guy out pls

this girl at work set me up with this guy. He came into the store, we talked for a little bit, but it was mostly my co-worker talking back and forth. He texted me saying hey, wanna go out to eat, I said sure, he also apolozied for being shy he said he gets nervous when he talks to pretty women. So fast forward to our date, he holds my hand and he's very touchy feely, it was nice, but a little uncomfortable since we literally just met..we went out to eat then we went did mini golf, he said it ended to quickly and he said what do you wanna do now, I said if you have somewhere to be, I don't wanna keep you lol anyways second date he metioned his house. So, that day before our second date, my coworker calls, said she neeeds me at work. So but then I couldn't go on my date because I had to work I'm on call, boss got hurt on job I didn't really wanna go to his house, just yet, so I suggested a movie, he honestly explained why he couldn't take me out he was strapped money wise. I said sorry but I have to work, but I said hopefulley we can make plans another time, he said yah we can schedule for another time hoped my boss was okay. I wrote thanks, me too.. Did that sound vague, like maybe I wrote it to the wrong person. I Haven't heard from him since, cause really I enjoyed my time with him. /: thanks hope I'm not confusin. His girlfriend cheated on him with 3 differ guys, which I'm not sure why. But he was nice and sweet with me.


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  • No, I don't think it sounded like it was for someone else. You might want to call him (not text) and talk about rescheduling. If he's shy and his ex cheated on him, that leaves a lot more room for him to overanalyze things.

  • Yeah call him and sort it out. Tis the best option


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