What is up with these kinda pictures?

On this dating site I'm on, I notice a lot of women age ranging from 20's to 50's with pics of them lying on their bed, face up of course. Is it supposed to be attractive? I think it's kinda weird if you asked me. Also why do a lot of them have pics of them in their swimsuits? Its gonna make a lot of guys think they only want sex..

Don't get me wrong, there is guys with no shirt pics, which is against rules but besides point. So really why the pics like this?


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  • The objective is to attract and no human is oblivious to the effects that the physical form carries.

    • by lying on their bed? So should I take pics of me doing the same?

    • Goodness no; they look like fools, but at the same lying down can indeed suggest sexual interest while also make taking the full-body picture that much easier because of the stability. So it's an awkwardwin/win!

  • It's simply a marketing tactic to keep their members coming back for more. Many of the profiles are fake and are the creation of the administration of the dating site.