What are some signs that would be obvious that my wife could be cheating?

I have been married for seven years to a great woman just this year she has lost 40lbs and keeps in shape, we've had kids and I bought her the tummy tuck she asked for! I've always thought she was gorgeous but shockingly now she looks beyond amazing! She doesn't work at all she's a stay home mom and I'm OK with that! Just two months ago she started acting strange getting a lot of text messages and a lot of attention from guys in general! I wasn't bothered at first until she left her Facebook page open I came across messages to her friend about things like her not getting excited by my compliments but loving it from other guys! She named a few guys shed been chatting with one was my cousin another a musician in town and some others I've never heard of. I found it hit me hard but I tried not to react but questioned her and a fight began (nothing physical) she had given me her passwords to her email and Facebook earlier on in the year so I decided to investigate I found she had changed her passwords and told me she had nothing to hide" so she "opened her email and deleted about 10 min then allowed me to view nothing but bulk left. She has my passwords to email and Facebook. I left it alone until the phone bill came in. Any time it's been over the usual amount I get lambasted but it was way over this time and can you guess who didn't freak out? So I looked into this and found numerous pic messages to my cousin and numbers I don't know I asked her about this and was told it was the phone my cousin uses and our service considers it a pic message even when replying? Not sure I believe it but... Anyway just this week she has gotten over her monthly visitor and been very distant she wonk kiss me unless I instigate and any type of sexual advance is met with complaints about sex being all I think of! What am I supposed to think? by the way she just bought lingere "for me" and I've yet to see her in it. she


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  • She's attracted to your cousin. A out the pic messages that total BS. They only charge you when you send a picture in a text message. Which means she sent your cousin pics of her that could be revealing or represent her in nudity. If she's deleted her emails and changed her passwords it means she has something to hide and that she doesn't trust you.

    This will be bitter to digest and would sound horrible but I think she's lost interest in you and hence she steers clear of sex with you. And that she wants to find out how your cousin is in bed. Personally I'd feel betrayed and ashamed of my cousin I- how can he flirt and exchange messages with his own sister in law. Some people have no morals.

    Like other users have said she's feeling flattered with the attention she's getting from other males its boosting her self esteem.

    All I can suggest is for you to spice up you sex life.

    1. take her out on a candle light dinner

    2. Start courting her like you did in the first few years before marriage

    3. Remind her why our guys have stayed string for 7 years

    4. Send the kids to your parents and have a night in with her - massage her, feed her chocolate covered strawberry etc

    5. If she's in the shower get in with her, rub her etc

    6. Try new sex positions - could be she's bored - get a book on sex positions and ask her what ones she enjoys

    7. Compliment her, give her gifts

    I hope you get the gist dirtier more but I'm getting sleepy and its 4am down here


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  • geez I don't know it kinda sounds like she's curious about what else is out there. plus with her weight loss and attention she's getting now it sounds to me like she's enjoying that. but aside from all that considering that you're married I would seriously sit down with her when you think the time is right and talk to her about your future plans together. if you have get specific about what you've noticed has changed between you two that I'd to that too. I sure hope she's just going through a phase and will stay committed to your marriage. take care and good luck on this.


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  • Abandon ship. Leave, but it do as best as possible for the kids sake. Split custody, for sure. If she's done it once, she's for sure going to do it again. No need to go through the pain a second time. Save yourself the trouble, she's not worth it.

  • Sounds grim, man. I'd bail if I were you.

  • It's unfortunate bro. My cousin dated a girl who never knew how hot she really was and it turns out she was cheating on him with everyone who looked at her toward the end of their relationship. Women are notorious for jumping ship when someone has more money or pays more attention to them then their current partner. She does sound like she's doing some sketchy crap and I'd approach her about it to see what her reaction is, and take it from there.

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