Should I just message him?!

So this guy that I've been seeing/dating for about 4 months now?! This whole time we've probably seen each other one or twice a week, sometimes 3. I went away completely for one month to Europe for school. We've talked all throughout my trip (fb message). I came back we had one week where we saw each other twice. Now, he's away to Europe for about 2 weeks. The last time we saw each other was a few days before he went away. He doesn't text me at all before and I don't text him.

- throughout our time dating, we both need our space and freedom and we give each other that. There are days when we don't talk to each other for 2 days. Although we've been seeing each other for a couple months our relationship is progressing but extremely slow (and that's because we're both busy and don't pressure each other or act annoying, only sometimes:))

Question: Should I message him or anything ?! Or should I just wait till he comes back?


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  • If you do text him, keep it light, positive and don't expect a reply. He's probably having an adventure out there and this might be a chance for him to gauge where your relationship stands by experiencing it without you. In the mean time, keep on being your awesome self.