Why did he check out my dating profile again?

I met a guy online and we seemed to hit it off! Over the next few weeks he would text and call frequently and we were both so excited to meet. Things quickly started to lead toward hooking up and I was okay with that. He came over and spent the next 24 hrs with me. We had sex repeatedly among other things. When he left he said he'd talk to me later. The next day he checked out my pof profile in the morning and again in the afternoon...after I had changed my pic. I texted the following day...hey how are you hope you are enjoying the sun :) to which I got no reply.

Its been 3 weeks but last week I noticed he had checked out my pof profile again...why?

Friends tell me he had another girl on the hook and was pursing that after seeing me but maybe it didn't pan out with her so he's coming back around to me...wtf? Do guys do this?

I am moving on but would just like some insight as to why he is checking out my profile again after disappearing...thanks :)


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  • So from the sounds of it, it's almost like you guys just kinda had a fling / one night stand kind of deal and he wasn't interested in anything else. Putting out on the first date can give guys a bad impression

    He probably checked out your profile to see how you looked in your photos.


What Girls Said 1

  • If It were reversed... I couldn’t care less he had his dating site up still... or even that he’s probably chatting and dating other girls because we weren't exclusive but the fact your changing your pic... updating your profile? He was probably checking to see what updates you were making. I wouldn't think he was too into me if he's updating his pic and other dating info. If I thought we had a great connection but he was updating his bio and things then I would think I was wrong about the connection and move on because this shows you’re ACTIVELY still looking for someone else. Plus he knows that you can see that he’s looking at your sight….maybe that was a passive way of saying “Yea… I saw that change you made”

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