Does he need space to think, or will I not hear from him again?

ive been seeing this doctor for 4mths, we get on well and recently he has been texting me more wanting me to have babies with him and be dis little housewife. we don't see each other often due to his work commitments and me having 3 kids ( I only hav them 3 days a week)

and I hav had a lot of stress recently. anyways, he has been wanting to see me however I've been away in plymouth and on my return had kids and things to do. we arranges to see each other last wk when he was working days. his shifts changed to nights and that messed things up for me cause I had a lot of appointments last week and so stressed to see him. he got very frustrated and texted saying if I wanted to see him I would sort it and now he can't see a future in this really and seeing each other here and there is not what he is after. I apologized and said to come and see me at the weekend when the kids were at grandparents but he replied its all little too late, I replied its never too late! he then couldn't decide and said he needed to come to mine to collect his watch. I dressed up for him we had fantastic sex. he stayed for a few hours we talked, then he went as he had things to do. I've sent text messages since but no reply. is that it?


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  • i just don't see this working for either of you. he wnats you to have his children and be "dis little housewife" which doesn't sound like it's what you want. on top of that you two have very very busy schedules and a casual relationship doesn't seem to sync up. It sounds like he wants more (children and a wife) so if you aren't ready to commit to a more serious relationship he may feel like he just needs to move on.

    i think he wants space and I think the conclusion he'll come to is either

    a) he'll keep hooking up but probably end it when and if something else comes along

    b) he'll just end it so he can pursue the type of commited relationship it sounds like he wants


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  • Well Don't really think if he can't make time into your scedule to see you then its not right, he doesn't deserve you and your kids if he is to busy.