A guy asked if he could call me tomorrow...

but instead sent me a text 2 days later saying:

"Hey I'm sorry I haven't called in like 2 days. I have been running around like a mad man."

Should I respond to that? And... if I do... how should I respond?


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  • He may really have been busy. That's how guys are. They are very one track minded so it's not that he didn't care it's just that he forgot. I would cut him some slack. If it becomes a habit then I would say something, but for now just say its ok and be happy that he apologized. Some guys won't even do that they'll just pretend like they had no idea.


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  • Respond to him and tell him you love him. Nah I am just kidding.. Ask him to specify what exactly he meant by that "runnin around like a mad man". That seems very ambiguous.


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