I sent a girl some thing in the mail ..

I dated a girl 3 times and really like her. I sent her some chocolate in the mail a day ago. I sent it to her since she told me she has been so stressed from work and wanted to make her feel somewhat better. She told me how many aholes she had dated and wanted to show her how I feel about her with that surprise and how nice of a guy I am. Hopin that she will be thinking about me more

Hope that was an OK thing to do?


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  • How long have you been dating? You said three dates so, like, three weeks or..?


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  • Unless she's allergic, I think you'll be ok.

    • she loves chocolate

    • Great! It doesn't matter how many dates you've been on. If the girl likes chocolate, then she would probably appreciate the gesture whether you were dating or not. Good for you. You're thinking smart.

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  • its not something I'd do myself , she knows you a little bit so not a total stranger sending it to her , I don't know what her reaction will be as she might not be expecting it

  • I think you're on the road to disaster... :(

    Nothing long-lasting or good ever comes from something like this... at least not in the beginning.

    • its been one month. So I think she will appreciate it

    • I still say it's too early... but to each their own.

  • Chocolate melts in the mail LOL!

  • Crash and burn dude...crash and burn!

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