My best friend's parents are over-bearing and don't seem to want me around her...what should I do?

Hi (: Let's call my friend E.

Okay, so today my bestie called me up saying, "When I was sleeping, my dad and stepmom came inside my room and took my phone and read my text messages, they saw the texts you sent me and they took my phone away..they gave me a track phone" That pissed me off because I sent one text that wasn't exactly appropriate (I was joking around) but wasn't any reason to take HER phone away when it was ME who sent the text. They also said I better have changed my ways if she was going to be allowed to talk to me. Yesterday, her parents started screaming at her because she hadn't registered for a tour at a local college and the tour was full. They said she's always following my bad influence because I hadn't registered yet either. They never let her go out or do her own thing and even though I've known her since elementary school (we're currently in HS), they don't like me. I realize that maybe I'm not supposed to care so much about what goes on in her life, but she is my best friend and I care about her well being. Most recently, Her grandmother gave her $100 for her birthday. Her parents secretly took her money and spent $85 and spent it on tennis equipment for E. She doesn't want to play tennis. They've made her play from Mon-Fri throughout this whole summer. And recently, they've been taking up all her weekends, too.She's forced to go to a high school she hates, and her parents can afford to put her else where. They make her go to RLTC 3 times a week during the school year. They get angry at her every day several times a day for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Once she took her cellphone in her bathroom with her and they got so angry. Every time I were to go over her house, she would have to clean the whole entire house before I went. They're always insulting me when I'm not there saying I'm a bad influence when I haven't done anything like drugs or anything. Like I went to my other friend's birthday party, and they didn't let E go so they didn't approve and couldn't stop talking about how wrong it was for me to go. They're completely unbearable and they're making her life a living hell. I wish I could do something but I really have no clue :/ I don't want to go there anymore because I don't want to get attacked by her parents. But I am her closest friend... what should I do?


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  • That is some pretty heavy sh*t right there. I think it is horrible that her parents treat her like that and I strongly disagree with their parenting decisions.

    Yet, we can't really do anything about it. Since you are already labeled as "the bad influence" by her parents, any comments you make to them will only strengthen this image of you being a bad influence.

    I hope your parents are more understanding than her parents. If that is the case, tell them all about this (you do not have to tell what you texted exactly if you don't want to). You can ask your parents to talk to her parents, because you just want to be able to go to your friend's house without her parents being mean to you (and your friend)

    if your parents ask why E's parents think you are a bad influence, they can probably convince them that you are a good kid and that you form no harm towards their daughter.

    I hope this helps. I know that is sucks that you cannot do anything about this yourself, but that is just the way it is right now. When you get 18, all that will change :P


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