The age old question, Where/what to do for a first date?

So I talked to this girl the past couple of weeks, first it was at a party there was short exchanges, then the week or two after another party and we talked til like 6 in the morning. We went to high school together, but hung out with different groups. We are both seniors in college, and I just moved back to my hometown.

I don't remember if she added me on FB, or if I did.

Either way, I would like to ask her on a date, but I can decide what to do. I was thinking coffee, short sweet not much pressure, she can leave whenever she wants if she wants, but I have heard lots of people say it just looks cheap and shouldn't be done.

I thought about dinner, but that is a serious move in my book, kind of like saying you know you want a relationship already. While I do like her a lot, she is very interesting, I don't know if that is the move I want to make. I enjoy talking to her, but I don't know if a relationship is something I want to jump into.

I was thinking about going bowling or something maybe. I thought I could do lunch, then maybe invite her to a party that night.

I have also thought about just simply inviting her to a party, but I think that would make it look like I just want to f*** her, while I wouldn't complain lol, not the only thing I'm looking for.

So what would be a good first date for something like, I don't just want in her pants, but don't want to jump right into something either. I moved back to my hometown because my fiancee and I split 6 months ago. I'm over it and accepted it, and I'm moving on with my life, but I know a relationship isn't something I need to jump right into. Lol I sound crazy, but some advice would be nice, I have never been great with woman, I've only had like 5 girlfriends lol.


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  • A nice food type date where you're spending time together, but not a lot of time, is going for dessert. Like an ice cream shop or a nice bakery. Then perhaps later that evening you could take her to a party. Bowling is fun if you know she likes it. Also, with it being summer time there are a lot of fairs and festivals going on. Either way, the fact that you are carefully thinking about it, I'm sure you'll come up with something great and you will both have fun.


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