I need help(online dating)

Hello everyone! I need help.

I know a man on okcupid. We seems match. So he massaged me. we used Skype to talk with each other only one or two times. I know that he is looking for a new job. So I just say maybe I can help you, I know some headhunters. I said this just because I wanted to be polite, because I think we don’t know and even don’t meet with each other. he said he wanted to send his resume to me. I think he just said it and didn’t send really, because a lot of privacies on resume. But he sent two days later. I felt good, because I felt be trusted. he messaged me everyday and even told me he would be HK for a vocation. I am not stalker, I think he is good guy and really highly educated. I want to develop relationship with he.

The questions are: why he didn’t ask me out until now? why he didn’t ask me my interests or something?

maybe he is Christian, I am not. He thinks we don’t have further.?


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  • It seems like he may just be using your connections for his benefit. Has he indicated that he's interested in you romantically?

    • he flirt with me a little bit by messages.

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  • There must be other ways to meet (white) men in your country. It seems so tacky that you knew him from the web only and you're already misleading him with your lie and expecting him to fall for you as a person.

    So you start a lie and what makes you think he's not going to lie back to you.

    • i didn't lie to him. he sent me his CV, I really sent it to the headhunters I know. and also I don't want to meet some "white"men. I just want to meet a good guy.

    • you said you told him out of politeness. that's still a lie no matter what.