I need your help what should I do ?

i like a girl so now tell me the next step becease she dosnt know me very well I try to show that I like her but I don't see her a lot ..so wht should I do my friend tould me to send my number to her then introduce your self to her or text her but I don't know wht should I say to her or how to text her ...so wht should I say or text ? please girls help me I like this girl ...thanks


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  • I didn't know this guy is studying on the same school as I am until he tried to chat me, he just told me that it was the first time he notice me, first he just said hi, he never tried to ask me to be his friend or something on a friend zone, he just got straight to the point, he said he was nervous that I might ignore him, but even though he is nervous he try to gain his courage and still try to court me, he said he really likes me and he is willing to wait for my decision.

    my point is, just go straight to the point and don't try to act cool it will give the girl a wrong impression, be honest and if your nervous just tell it to her, take your friends advice and text her, just don't try to win her heart just by texting, always show your feelings to her personally because guys who can't do it face to face might turn the girls off because he's lame. - well I was suggesting hope this helps^^


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