DO you think I'm annoying him?

Should I ask him if I am or just stop sending them? He doesn't always answer but sometimes I send just interesting things that need no answer. Some weeks I might send 1-2 others 4-5. Also I always send him a goodnight after we've met do you think this is OK?

I did text him today ( first time) and he did answer though it and the Messages are always short replies.

fb messages


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  • I still think 1-2 is okay. Depends what it is and why you are doing it. If you are doing it just because you like him and are trying to get his attention then you probably should do not that frequently, but if you are just sharing messages as you do with others there is nothing wrong with it. He may like the messages, it depends how he feels about you. If he likes you then I am sure he does not mind. Nothing wrong with saying goodnight after you have talked. If you goodnight out of the blue everyday on days where he has not had a conversation with you- I am not sure about that. Again it all depends on how he feels about you.

  • Do you mean emails? 1-2 emails a week is fine.