What the heck are his intentions..casual or serious?

Last year I was with this guy for over 6 months. Though he treated me like a boyfriend would, he wouldn't fully commit. So while he said it was more than hooking up, I couldn't say for myself. We talked most days and saw each other every week, but he was fresh out of a LTR and distant (Minimal cuddling, drew a line as far as opening up about himself, etc.)

Fast forward 6 months and we're talking again, but with real, deep conversation. He just recently stayed over for the first time since we started talking again and ended up staying until the next night. He says things like "I'm glad we stayed in touch" and "I remember the night I met you". Then we had really intimate, personal conversations. Talking about our families, our dreams and beliefs, and that night he planned out spending Saturday together, running errands and going out to dinner. We also talked out plans to watch a 12 hour series together for this week and going to a party I have in a few months. It was the first time I slept in his arms all night and he initiated it.

The next morning, he made breakfast and we spent 10-12 hours in bed watching TV, just kissing, cuddling, and talking. That night he left he texted me for two hours until he told me goodnight. Since, he is phoning me daily asking how my day is, and telling me goodnight later on. With our history, I am hesitant that I am going to let my heart see things skewed just because he doesn't have that guard anymore. So guys, is he more likely to be interested in something more serious or the same old this time? Because there is a noticeable amount of effort, but we also have a past. : /


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  • im only 17 and I've learned and tried to teacher girls/women to slightly forget the past, it seems like he really likes you, match him emotionally if he's putting in effort then you put in effort, if he stops you stop


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