How come guys push girls away and come back when she clearly stop caring?

How come when a guy pushes a girl away, he comes back when she gives up and don't even think its important to contact him anymore? I was texting and calling everyday trying my best to get communication good, and all he did was things that would push me away. I just left him alone and felt he was not important to me anymore. I stopped calling and texting him, now he's blowing me up. But why do guys do this? I just have up and stop caring at the moment


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  • Have you heard of a saying , "Hungry dog never gets fed" ?

    In a word…you do not want to show your neediness.

    If you tell him you are lonely, feeling depressed over the break up…or even that you really miss him something like that…


    Does this mean “play hard to get”?

    Nope, it simply means you do not want to show or act needy.

    Are you calling him 3 times a day?

    You are acting needy…and you are killing your chances in dating.

    So what should you do instead?

    be self confident, somewhat aloof…and a woman who is going to get on successfully with her life…no matter what happens! (What you just did ,good job)

    But most importantly…being and acting HAPPY! Knowing and showing that you have a future.

    Ask yourself…what is more attractive?

    A mopey, depressed person who can not stop bringing up how hurt she is over the past…


    A girl…who seems like she is going to move on…is going to change herself for the better, is happy with life and MAYBE desires him still…but is not NEEDY…

    You know,Nothing is sexier than this type of attitude and that's why they come back to you

    Does that make sense? :)

    • Yes I was calling him like this and texting him and I finally stopped and got on with life while still thinking about him and he ended up calling me after even yelling repeatedly he was done with me...he tells that all the time and its hard to know if he means it or not because he never do...the situations be difficult but figure the outcome

    • Haha...Thanks for response , I guess a good answer deserves to be appreciated :)

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  • a girl is doing the same thing to me

    • Doing what to you?

    • I was being pushy with my girlfriend always calling and stuff so she got mad and said needed space.. when I left her alone for a while she came back.. I realized I was being clingy.. its not a guy girl thing.. its all depending upon the type of person they are whether guy or girl.. everyone needs sometime.. I think you should make him wait a bit maybe your feelings will come back .. don't say yes or no instantly.. Linger the attention .. if he messages maybe message him once a day back not 2 much

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  • Some guys like "the chase". They like to pursue a woman and see how long/how much effort it'll take to get what they want from her. With those guys, once they feel they've got you, then there's no more fun to be had. When you start pushing away or acting like you don't care, you then become "the chase" again, and that's appealing. The cycle starts all over again. Or, some guys want to hold onto you while they continue to see if there's "someone better" out there. Maybe that's what he was doing. When he thought he had found someone better, he stopped talking to you. When that didn't work out for him, then he started contacting you again...

    To be very honest, if he wanted to be with you, he would be. No question about it. If you were so valuable and special to him, he wouldn't leave you because then he'd fear that another man may come and take his place. If you meant so much to him, he wouldn't be able to walk away from you so easily. The fact that he tried pushing you away is a CLEAR sign of how he feels about you, but you don't want to see it. Trust me, I've been there before.

  • Well sometimes the timing isn't right and guys push us away due to the fact that they need to figur things out. And girls do the same.
    I remeber i was dating a guy but i didn't have time to him at the moment cause i was so busy with exams so i pushed him away and he got a new gf, yes it was hurtful but i mean it happens. It recently happened to me too, a guy i dated we both liked eachother but he began pushing me away and it was hurtful and weird and when i asked him about it he said he wasn't looking for anything serious cause he simply doesn't have the time for it now, and i understand becaue he travels a lot and goes to university at the same time and he doesn't even live in my town.
    So sometimes we just need to let go and if its ment to be they will come back.

    • I got needy and inecure and began chasing him and it was hurtful and tiring, so now i just havnt paid attention to him at all and im doing my own thing, if he wants me he can contact me

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