I have no problem dating girls of another race

so I've been going to taco bell for a while now, and there's a black girl there that takes my order all the time, she knows what I get and she even recognizes my voice... I know this is only her work and she's "supposed" to be nice but, I think she may like me...

i have no problem asking black girls out, I just dk if she is really more interested than just always taking my order or not?


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  • It may be blunt, but you won't know until you ask her, so just go up to her and ask her out.

    No matter what, short of her making an overt move towards you, or vice versa, you won't know for sure.


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  • Ok, who are you trying to kid? The fact that you mention that this girl is of a different race 3 times suggests that you do actually have an issue with it. Also, the fact that you have to state that you have no problems dating or asking out a black girl suggests that you are trying to convince no one but yourself.

    • Dont comment, if ur gonna leave comments like this

      i do not have a problem with them, mentioning it three times, just meant I mentioned it three times, there's no hidden meaning behind it, like most women try to find, I said it, just to say it, deal with it

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