I want to send a cute text to this girl

do you have any suggestions. please nothing sexual, I just want her to enjoy something cute


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  • Can you give us more background on the situation? How do you know her? How long have you known her?

    • I know her through a site I met her on. next month, on the 19th, I will have known her for 6 months. we met on my birthday, back in March, on the 19th

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    • Perhaps you should skip a day here and there, and not contact her on those days. You know, be a challenge.

      You want to text her something cute. What do you mean by "cute"?

    • she's 3000 miles away and I never see her. "playing hard to get" by not texting her every day is a players way of saying, I'm a player and I'm going to play you. id rather overtext her or whatever than play her...

      I just want something that will really get her going, like..make her day