Does she have any type of feelings for me?

a girl and I have been dating for 2 months.

we have not kissed yet.

I know we are dating and I know she has not put me in the friend zone.

she flirts..twirls her hair..touches me all the curious abouty life and enjoys spending time with me.

basically she has all the signs of a girl liking me

she calls us casual and fun..

so what is going on with her?


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  • When/how was it established that you're technically "dating"?--You need to be certain you're on the same page. Is it possible she is refraining from kissing or going further due to religious type reasons? If that is not the case & you are dating, she may just be more traditional & waiting for you to kiss her. KISS her already! :)

  • I think you're in the friend zone. Maybe you are good enough to flirt with but not boyfriend material. Do you drink/smoke/party too much? Smell? Sleep around? Have a history of that? That may be why you're not boyfriend material.

    • i don't smoke..drink socially..wprk hard no and sleep around no.

      that was the distant past.

      on dates with her..o focus on her amd date only one girl at a time

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