So me and my girlfriend have been growing apart for awhile now. what should I do?

so me and her have been growing apart big time. its gotten to the point where she doesn't even want to talk about what she's been doing or her day or anything. I try to start the conversation by going into detail on myne and she just gave me basic answers no details at all. the main reason is because she doesn't have the guts to tell her mom about me so she won't tell her dad (there divorced) and so we can't talk on the phone or even see each other. it snot like I have made other options available to date and I love her but I'm just getting real sick of this. we've been dating for three months now. now if we could see each other then this wouldn't be a problem . please help me please


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  • Have you tried telling her that this situation is bothering you? Relationship works two way so if she's keeping to herself and you're doing the same, then you guys are going to go no where. Tell her how you want to be able to go on date/hang out with her. Tell her that she can trust you so she should really talk to you about her problem instead of leaving you on the sideline. Tell her how you're feeling whenever she acts like that.

    • well I did. every toime for awhile. it cause fights eventually. seeshe says when she does this she gets stressed and worrys for nothing. she knows she ahs no reason but she can't help it

  • If she won't talk to you, then that is not good. Sounds like its going downhill. It may be time to cut ties. Especially if it is straining with her not being able to be honest about you with her family. You are so young! Meet new girls, its all exciting and fun! And sometimes the key to trying to figure out someones actions, is to think about why you would be acting that way. Like, if you didn't want to talk openly with her anymore, why would that be? Try to look outside the box. Heartbreak and love are confusing when you're young (and old), but especially because you have so many emotions raging out of control at your age. Don't worry, you will get by. Love strong and love often, it builds good character. :)

    • lol thanks. I'm working on it. I can't break up with her cause well ti took two years to build ourf riendship up enough to date. and I stared to care so much thatnow if I do it. I might hrut her so bad. I'm just worried but thanks a lot. I'm thinking about ti gonna tlak to her

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