How should I act with her?

So, there is like a family this weekend and a girl I like is gonna be there (no, she is not related to me, but her family and mine are very close.) I don't know how to act with her anymore because she gave me clear signs that she likes me (like telling me she does) and got me very interested and then all of the sudden completely changed and doesn't even text me or anything anymore. I've re-read out Facebook conversations and texts and seriously I can't point where it all went wrong, its like all of sudden she decided she hated me. I even saw her at the mall once and she didn't even look at me or nothing and I'm like WTF? The thing is I always had some feelings for her and when I saw I maybe had a chance those feelings came back. I want her to see that, but at the same time I want her to know I am very frustrated by the way she acted, because I don't think it's fair to pretend interest in someone and then just leave them hanging without even explaining why. Should I even be stressing over this? Should I talk to her like normal, act indifferent, be a jerk? I just don't know what to do about her and its really affecting me in my day to day life.


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  • My first thought is that she feels embarrassed/pissed off that she told you she liked you so long ago and nothing happened, so now she's trying to cover it all up by acting like you mean nothing to her. If you think that could be true, then confronting her (in private, of course) could give you both a chance to talk about how you feel about each other and where to go from here.

    If you don't want to do that, or you don't think she'd be open to talking to you honestly, then just being nice and polite is always the best choice. Ignoring her or acting like a jerk is only going to make it worse, and possibly make an enemy out of a long-time family friend.


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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of confusing women. You are trying to figure out something that can never be solved.