What is his thoughts or meaning when he says this

last night this boy and I were texting we've been talking and have told one another we really like one another.

We are gonna be freshman at the same college,

Last night he and I and his roommate were on oovoo(video chat). He and I were texting while doing this and he said "i almost just said hey babe, then I was like oh wait were not going out ha ha :)". I just said I wouldn't make a big fuss :)"

he responded " I don't know I like calling girls that"

i replied " I only ever been called kitten by my ex"

He said "time for something new"

A little later after we stopped textning and just talked over video chat I got a a bit tired so I rubbed my eyes He texted me saying " you OK babe?" I did respond normally.

So I know this may seem dumb but what's this all mean


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  • It means he likes you and wants to be in a relationship with you. Also, apparently, that he's going to call you babe.


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