Do you think I should cut off my online dating interest?

There was a guy I met online through a Q & A web-site. Anyway, it started out he was just giving me advice on a situation, and then it turned into we were emailing each other on a daily basis. And before we knew it, we were exchanging numbers. He even mentioned he had a wife, and would talk about her. I didn't think much of it, or care because I had a love interest. At the same time, he would always talk about coming to meet me, which I had no interest at the time. However, when it got serious he never mentioned anymore about wanting to meet me, which I found odd? After conversing for some time, the whole wife thing didn't seem real to me. He would talk about going to dinner, a movie but mentioned many times he went alone and just mentioned she's always traveling. Anyway, he asked for my number and said, we could brainstorm about my situation more on the phone. After a couple weeks of talking, we started to develop an attraction. When we talked on the phone, he said his wife travels a lot and is never home. Anyway, don't you find it odd, after developing this attraction he doesn't want to meet me. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this strange situation?


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  • That is odd, but I would take as sign that something is not right If there is this attraction and a possible made up story of having a wife. It could be a number of easons why, he is indeed attracted to you and the connection is there, yet, he does not want to meet. He may possibly have issues with himself, have you seen a pic of him? If he is actually is married then it does make sense that he backs off when he notices that attraction becoming too much. Something is either right at the moment or it is not. if he has wife, no good come from him doing her. wrong If he does not have a wife then you would have to talk a look at the bigger issue - what would cause him to lie about that.

    • It was almost "as if", he didn't want to meet me, the more he started learning about me. However, the attraction was very strong. Like I would talk about high class living, how I attract a lot of males, high position in the work world. Not to sound conceited but to give you a picture of the whole story. Also the fact, he wanted me to come out there and live. It just wasn't making sense he had a wife. She's never in the background when we talk a million times every day.

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    • What I would do is talk to him straight about how you have been feeling and your concerns. Definitely give him that chance to hopefully address some things that have been bothering you. Yes give him that chance to talk to you.

    • Sometimes small things could blow up to something that is not and sometimes small things can indicate something bigger, for him ask if you are pushing his buttons sounds like that sounds like he does not know what is going, so definitely once again talk to him and tell him how you have been feeling.

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  • My thoughts are that I would have broke it off when he said he had a wife. Also, you get a lot of people on sites that just play games with people online. Sounds like he's just playing around, sorry. I just wouldn't get involved with anyone online unless they lived pretty close & you could meet them straight away. Even then it really takes time (in person) with someone to get to know them. I recommended cutting that 'catfish" lose.

  • He either tried to trick you into talking to him more personally by putting up the white flag of saying he had a wife, so you let down your guard...or he does have a wife and is not up to anything good even if nothing bad has happened.

    Cut this guy off. Either way, he's not adding anything beneficial to your life and it could potentially be a pretty messy situation. BAIL OUT

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