Does it sound like he actually likes me?

On Sunday I went with my friends to this little town/ beach area about an hour away from where I live. The first night there we went to this bar/restaurant and I immediately noticed this really cute bartender. We made small talk and kept making eye contact and then when I was in the bathroom my friend told him I thought he was cute and he pulled out his phone and asked her to give him my number and said he'd give me a call when he got out of work. So later that night he texted me and he came to hang out with us for a little and before he left he said to text him the next day to hang out. He wound up being busy during the day but asked me to stop by the bar that night. So he wound up hanging out with us that night as well when he got out of work. This time, however, we were left alone most of the time and really hit it off. We realized we had a lot in common and we both kept making eye contact and laughing during the silences. When he had to leave I walked him out and he told me that I should definitely call or text him so we can meet up again, with him either coming down to where I live or me going up there. Then he kissed me good-night and it felt really passionate, as if he had been waiting to do it since we first saw each other. A few minutes after he left he texted me saying to stop by before I left tomorrow and then said that he didn't want to sound too forward but he hasn't been in a relationship in a while cause he never felt any connection like this. Although I have terrible luck with relationships and try not to let myself get too invested too quick, I couldn't help but respond the same because I felt the same connection. So we flirted through text all night and the next day I went to the bar before we left and told him he should come down to where I live soon. A little while later he texted me saying his only day off was the next day (Wednesday) so I invited him to hang out by where I live. He said yes and the next day he drove over an hour to my house just to hang out for a little while. We kissed goodbye and then a few minutes after I got in the house he texted me with a blushing emoji and I told him I had fun and we exchanged some compliments and again spoke all night. He told me I should take the train up to him one day soon and I told him to pick a day since he works almost every day. So the next day he texted me saying he was off Monday and Tuesday and I told him either day was fine with me and he didn't respond until a few hours later when I texted him saying "what's up?' We spoke for a little and then I brought up us hanging out and he said it would probably have to be Tuesday. So again, I replied with that's fine and a smiley. However, I haven't heard from him all day today and I don't want to text him first and seem annoying. I know he's busy with work and his own life too, but I just want to know if it sounds like he actually likes me and if it's normal that he hasn't texted me today?


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  • I think it's too soon to tell

    Have fun and take it slow

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