Please help me? I have sent a text message to my boss accidentally!!

I was meant to send a text message to my friend a text message to my friend, explaining that I was not with my boss at work, basically saying I don't care if he sacks me and I absolutely pissed with etc.

I have now gone and accidentally sent to my manager! What the hell I am going to do?

thanks people, but everything is alright, I am still in job. I made up a story, saying my friends took my phone, and they sending stupid messages. whether my manager believes me or not is another thing.


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  • Not much you can do, you already f***ed yourself lol. Maybe explain to him your under a lot of stress or a family issue or something and was only venting stress? And you need this job.

    • would he believe if I said it was my friends playing with my phone?

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    • then you are probably f***ed, do whatever you think is best the friend thing or anything else you can think of.

    • I told my manager was friends, they took my phone and started sending stupid messages to everyone. and I told them what I doing at work. I am still in a job, not getting sacked anytime soon.

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  • You are screwed unless you have the kind of manager who can forgive you. But the chances of that are very very slim.

  • rofl

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