Do you know any dating urban myths?

Do you know any dating urban myths?

Urban myth is a modern myth. A frightening untrue story in which the storyteller insists is true, but has no hard evidence to back up.

I think these are dating urban myths:

Girls like jerks/ don't like nice guys - No, they don't like jerks. They like nice guys. The reason she doesn't like you is because you're a loser. The best attribute a guy can have is being nice to others.

Men are afraid of successful women. - Sersiously? Guys who are afraid of successful women, aren't men but mice.

Girls play hard to get if they like a guy - No, they don't. If a girl really likes you, then she'll go out of her way to be together with you.

Men only want xxx. - No, they don't. We like to have a special someone we can share our lifes with too.

Women only want romance and don't want xxx. - Of course they want xxx. In this respect girls and guys aren't that different.

Do you agree with my list of urban myths? Do you know more?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think the nice guy jerk thing is kind of hit and miss. Being nice doesn't mean always letting everyone push you around or always doing things for people. That's where many guys go wrong (also by thinking theyre nice when theyre not). There are however cases where there are girls who do go for jerks over nice guys for reasons that are hard to explain.

    There are also many women who do play hard to get, the ones I know use it as a tactic to really judge a guy and see if they are actually willing to put in effort to try and get them. If a guy gives up right away then chances are he wasn't really all that interested or was just in it for sex. (not all the time but usually)

    Like the others, there are many guys out there who only want sex. The same goes for women though. I feel that a lot more kids these days are in relationships or are just out there to have sex rather than actually sharing the emotional connection of intercourse as well.

    I don't believe they are myths, I see situations like the above all around me. I just think that people have a few bad experiences then just use deductive reasoning.

    ie if one woman only wants sex, then all women only want sex.

    too many people are thinking this way.

    more urban myths:

    - Women are only after men with money

    - guys always cheat on girls

    - guys should always make the first move****** absolutely hate this one, way to many of the women (girls) I know think this way then get all down on themselves when they don't have boyfriends


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What Girls Said 2

  • I do agree. The nice guy myth all depends on how you define nice. It sounds idiotic, but some guys define nice as "not bothering anyone". That means they never talk to anyone, they never flirt or anything that makes them attractive. They think that just sitting there and only talking when they're asked something, means they're "nice guys". I define nice as giving sincere compliments, noticing quirks a girl might have, not being abusive, wanting to spend time with their girl, organizing surprises for her, only flirting with one girl at a time, not cheating etc.

  • Yeah they're all myths. I don't know why a lot of men think ALL women want commitment. That's another myth.


What Guys Said 4

  • I agree with all of them that they are myths. I could add more, like marriage is always a bad idea and that people who wait for sex or don't engage in casual activities are prudes.

  • "Once you go Black, you never go back."


    More like: "Once you go Black, you aren't welcome back."

  • The second and third are a bit meh, you are jumping to conclusions there.

  • Nice guy means a pushover.

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