I honestly don't know what he wants

My best friend and I dated on and off for 4 years, and we slept together a lot and I had feelings for him but he took med for granted ..so in June he got a girlfriend and I got very hurt cause I felt like I'm gonna loose him to her and he always kept flørting with me and wanted to have sex while dating her . so I told him I didn't want nothing to do with him anymore and deleted him from my life .. Now 6 weeks later he writes me and wants to meet me to see how I'm doing , and added me on fcb again.. I didn't accept but he wants me in his life but whyyy.. Why can't he be happy with his gf..?


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  • So he's got a girlfriend but wants you as his bit on the side?

    He's a pig! You need to continue as you are doing so now and just ignore him. I assure u, you will meet a very nice guy- you don't need him. I feel sorry for current girlfriend, and you don't want to be a home wrecker. Plus, you already went out with him and he treated you like that?! Forget him, I feel like punching him.

  • Causs he wants a bit of you too... Plz answer my q GUYS!

    • But why..

    • Bc he possibly wants you back again or he's bored with his girlfriend. Or he's just a manwhore tryin to get something out of u