Guys, if you like someone would you tell her when your high off weed or in a normal state?

So this guy who I had a thing with.. We are both 17.

We talked about a month before we made out.

He tried to make a move on our second hang out but I didbt let him and he waited so long to make out with me. During tht time when we didn't make out, he paid for my dinner and coffee and stuff. He textted me almost everyday. then a month later we made out in his friend's car. Then every time he would come near my house he called me and we went kn night walks around my neigborhood. He didn't make out with me always he sometimes just talked to me but we made out too on trees and stuff. But since we werent dating we were just hooking up. and this one time when it was the last time to see each other because he was gonna move he told me he really likes me even tho we werent actually dating. But he sed that when he was high off weed. So I tld him to not say those stuff when he's high and he was like but really I really like u. Where do I stand in your life? But I couldn't answer cause I didn't like tht he was saying it when he was high. So what do you think, guys?


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  • Some people feel obligated to let out things they truly feel about something or someone because they are under the influence of being high. The problem is is that there is no way for sure to tell whether they are speaking the truth or not unless you ask them when they are sober.

    Another point I want to add is that I think you only care to know whether he really "likes" you or not is because you want something more than a mere "hookup". It seems like you "like" him in fact, so one option would be for you to ask for something more serious. But this raise another problem, he may not see this more than a "hookup" so it could end up in shambles.

    What I recommend doing is to try to get in a conversation where you would indirectly ask whether he actually does like you and if he wants to your relationship to be more serious.

    To answer the heading question, I would tell her because I believe me "liking" her in that sense would mean I would want a relationship with her, otherwise no.


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