Why is my ex acting like this?

I used to date a guy a year ago but it ended at the end of the school year because of the summer break. We were on bad terms for nearly the rest of the school year.

From February up until now, he has randomly texted me whenever he was bored or when he could not fall asleep. I noticed that he has either suggested that I should do something with another guy and what not, which I found very strange. I did not like the fact that he just told me to go find a guy to do something with.

Tonight he texted me and we started having a longer conversation than usual but then it started to become sexual. We were talking about having sex in a shower and he kept on saying he was up for it and that he wanted to cuddle. I told him that he is kind of a tease. He said he wants to make it up because he realized a month ago with another girl that it was a worse kind of tease. I told him he cannot make up for something that happened a year ago and he said that the stuff that happened a year ago is over and done with, but with the summer. I responded "the only thing that has happened this summer is you texting me at random times. mostly when you're bored/can't sleep", which he agreed.

Why is he acting like this and keep texting me?


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  • I've been there before. I'd just stop texting him all together.

    He's only trying to cave and get you to sleep with him if you haven't already.

    If you guys did do stuff then he only wants a piece of you.

    If he doesn't give you the time a day don't give him the time of day.

    If he went searching for another girl and was teased then that's all his intensions are with you.

    And cuddling FORGET that .. he's trying to "sweet" talk you to bed, be careful hun.