Dating apartment neighbors? Potentially awkward?

Just wondering how others feel about dating a neighbor in your apartment? A small apartment where running into each other could be semi-frequent and seeing the person outside of your window would be frequent as well.

If it starts as just casual dating, would this have the potential to be awkward? If you see the person in passing, would you feel obligated to strike up a long convo? Feel obligated to NOT strike up a long convo and keep it short since you can converse on dates? Feel obligated to ask to make plans to hang out every time you see them in passing?

I suppose I'm just wondering about the "seeing each other in passing" dynamic if it's still in a casual phase. But there could be other aspects too - you see them in the complex with people of your sex or maybe they need help carrying something but don't ask you (maybe they don't think you wanna help or maybe they just don't think of you at all?)

I meant small apartment complex* not small apartment itself. ...though the apartments are small...but that's irrelevant!


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  • It could be potentially very awkward. But there's always potential for awkwardness in the dating world. I wouldn't let it stop me. If I was interested in one of my neighbors, I wouldn't let the fact that we live in the same building and if something goes wrong it might be uncomfortable stand in the way.


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