Is this someone I should wait for?

My guy best friend really likes me and I really like him too! We started dating about 2 weeks ago and he recently told me that he didn't feel like it was working because nothing has changed and he feels he isn't ready. I completely respect what he wants to do! But he told me that he can't provide what a boyfriend should provide. Then the main reason is that he wants to wait to have a serious relationship when we are older, he told me that when he thinks about me he thinks long term like marriage... we are only in high school but I think that sometime in the future it could work but for now I don't know what to do! He also told me that he doesn't want to date now or in High School because he doesn't want to screw anything up and that he doesn't want to make a mistake. What do I do now? Should I not date anyone, or should I try other people? I just don't want to use anyone...


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  • It depends if he is the type of guy that keeps his word? Also do yo uthink he is relaly worth the wait? since technically you guys are not together anymore you are free to date anyone if you choose. It wouldn't be chaeting or nothing like that. I feel life is to short to wait.You might miss other opportunities.But if you feel that he is the oen and your soul mate.Then you should wait for him.


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