Is there any point in staying with him?

I'll make a long story short. The guy I'm currently dating has made it clear from day one that he's not looking for anything serious and that was fine with me when we first started dating. I had just gotten out of a relationship and was looking for a rebound. Fast forward 6 months, I find myself falling for him and he's still not looking for anything serious.

To make matters worse, next year he's planning on attending grad school in a different country. He has wanted to do this for a while now but was willing to give it up for his ex. He didn't want to leave her. But according to him, now there's nothing holding him back. In other words, he has no problems leaving me

Should I still stay with him for the next year in the hopes that he'll change his mind or should I just end it now before I fall for him even more and get hurt even more?


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  • If he has sex with you and you know that you mean nothing to him. You will be easy to forget. If he had another girlfriend she possibly knew the situation of his leaving and part of the reason for the breakup.

    Some guys know because there mothers told them, God is still making women. You and others are just the girls on his way to meeting the one.

    There is an evil in you that makes you want something you cannot have, it is called the "pain body" and is a part of your ego.

    You do not love yourself because you are looking for love in a man who has told you he is not into you. You are possibly trading sex for love and he is not biting.

    Your problem is self induced.

    In a foreign land he will be like candy to the girls abroad and guess what he will never have a girlfriend and will be more popular than a gynecologist at the free clinic.

    Learn to love your self.

    While you are wasting your time waiting, manipulating and hoping for this guy, the man of your dreams who you have not yet meet is walking into another woman's arms and thanking God you are stuck on stupid.


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