Should I text her after not texting her for 4 days and if so, what should I say?

I have been talking with this girl for about two months. It started on Eharmony and after about a month I gave her my number, suggesting it would be easier to talk that way. She texted me the next day and we continued talking throughout the day. After three days of talking regularly, I asked her if she wanted to go out either that weekend or next. She said that weekend would be better and we agreed on Saturday night. She asked what we were going to do, and I told her I was going to take her to a nice Italian restaurant and a movie, but the movie was being shown outside under the stars. Explained that I figured that would make it so we could at least talk during the movie. She said that she thought it was a creative, good idea. We continued talking for the next few days. Saturday came around and I got a text around noon saying that she was sorry for wasting my time, but she couldn't go out with me that night. I replied that's fine, we can reschedule and asked if something had come up. I didn't get a reply for four hours and when I did she asked if I was mad. I said no, that I was just a little disappointed. She said that it sounds stupid, but I seem like such a good guy it scares her. Not knowing how to take that, I told her that hopefully she will get to see that I really am a good guy. I was a little busy at that time, so I told her I couldn't really talk. Later on that night she texted me and we talked for a couple hours. The next morning we had a real meaningful conversation about stuff deeper than we had been discussing. After four hours she said she was headed to her friends house and would text me later. Just like she said, she texted me that evening and we talked for a little while. The next morning, I texted her good morning. She was at work, but had been replying in the past, but this time I got no answer. I texted her later that night and we talked for a couple hours. She had shared with me a quote that she read every morning to start her day off right. Me, being the sweet guy I am, thought it would be a good idea to throw together a picture with the saying and email it to her for her to find in the morning. I sent her a good morning and she replied I was really sweet for sending that. I asked how her day was going and got no reply. We talked later that evening for a couple hours. At this point I was realizing that she never initiated the texting, only me. She does reply quickly almost every time and uses many emotionicons, which I'm told is good. I haven't texted her since, wanting to see if she would text me. She hasn't. Now I feel like an idiot for not talking to her and I have no idea what to say, or if she is even interested in me. Should I just ask her out again, first text. Or? Ladies please help me, I really like talking to her and feel that I have screwed everything up. Do you think from her actions, she could still be interested. Thank you for reading this


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  • It sounds like she is interested, maybe just a little scared. Ask her out on another date if she cancels again well big deal on to the next one.

    • Gonna call her this evening and ask her out. Thank you. She just really killed my momentum and threw me off by canceling the first date.

    • Trust me things come up, but if she didn't want to hang out or somewhat like you she wouldn't even bother texting you back. So just call her good luck :).

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  • So did you get back to her in the end? Hope you did, because this girl is definitely interested. I think to stop communicating is really not good for either person, although you won't be able to keep up this texting fire the two of you have had going on. At the stage where both of you are unsure whether this is going to go anywhere, playing games is a bad idea (I think it's always a bad idea).

    If you are concerned that you are the one "responsible" for the development of the relationship, you need to accept that in the beginning you might well be if she is a bit shy. When you feel you can trust each other more, you can say that you feel that you are always doing what you suggest and that you'd love to do something together that's her idea. It's much riskier to be the one to suggest something (imagine you say you'll go to this great movie and then she thinks it's rubbish), so shy people are prone to just follow the more assertive person. Also good: Remember little details she tells you what she likes and then you can suggest things accordingly.

    Best of luck!

  • yeah I think she is interested , you should ask her out in a spontaneous way , and it's okay tto not text her sometimes to let her miss you enough to initiate the texting ;)


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