Would a girl be offended if I just wanted to date her short term? (1-3 months)

like if I let her know from the beginning I just wanted 1-3 months tops then end it, would she be hurt by it? Because I know exactly what I want for a marriage partner, she has 3-5 certain realistic qualities the rest is either a bonus or flaws ill just have to deal with. (who is the only type of girl ill risk getting into a real relationship with). but there's girls I wanna date just so I can experience it and be able to say I dated this kind of girl,then I won't have regrets about what I never got to do before I got into a long term relationship and marriage


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  • It wouldn't offend me, but that's not what I'm looking for so we probably wouldn't go out. I'd appreciate him being honest with me though.

  • Don't get into specifics about your reasons for short term dating (which I completely understand btw), but do let her know from the beginning.

    "You're a really amazing girl, and I'm really excited about dating you. However, I thought it would be fair to let you know that I am really not looking for a long term relationship right now. I feel terrible, because I genuinely think you are an incredible person. I still really hope you'll consider a short term relationship with me, because I think you'd be an amazing girlfriend and that I would learn a lot from you.

    To clarify what I mean by short term, I was hoping for somewhere between 1-3 months, and I promise I will be the best boyfriend I can be and hope to stay friends after. Does any of that agree with your expectations right now? What were you hoping to get out of this relationship and would you be open to only staying in this relationship a short time?"

    • i think too much and I'm too nice ha, but what do I say to her when I do get into a long term relationship with a potential marriage partner and she wonders why not with her? or when I end it, if she wants to know if id be down for her when I was looking for a real relationship in the future? I don't wanna hurt her feelings. or will she kinda know already I didn't want one with her?

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