How long to wait to ask her to be my girlfriend?

I have been seeing this girl for about a month now. We met online. Our first date was about a month ago. Our second date was a few days later. I then had to leave town for a week and we talked and texted each other that week, and our third date was the day I got back to town and we ended up having sex after the third date and I spent the night at her place. The next morning she said she thought we should delete our online profiles now. I agreed and both of us deleted our profiles that day. This was two weeks ago.

The same day we delete our profiles, she texts me "I don't think I am ready for a relationship, sorry :/". We exchange a couple texts, including how disappointed I was etc. I leave town again. Two days later she texts me apologizing, saying she got scared we were moving too fast and asked me to give her another chance. She says she got scared that we moved that quickly, and when she gets scared she tends to shut people out and she really regretted it and at one point asked if she could have a "redo". We get back into daily contact while I was out of town. I get back to town and we just had our 4th date yesterday.

Both of us still have our profiles deleted and never re-added them. On our date yesterday she kept coming up with ideas she wanted to do with me, and basically planned like 4 future dates. When the date fist started she commented it was kind of awkward hanging out with me after what happened, but she seemed to get over that and things seemed normal later and we kissed goodnight at the end of the date. She has also texted me that night after I dropped her off and today.

So its been a month (except for the 2 days where she was scared) and 4 dates since I met her (including an all day date and a sleepover date), and she has deleted her online profile and kept it deleted. Should I do a couple more dates since its only been one since she freaked out, or do you think I would be OK asking her next time we had a date?



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  • I would keep dating her and having fun. I would evaluate things as they progress and make the best choices.


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  • Just have a couple of more dates with her and see how she is. Who knows she may end up asking you out! If you still like her after another few weeks-month, then yeah, ask casually! If she would like to be your girlfriend. Good luck hun


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