I don't know why he won't let me go

What does he want from me ?

This guy I met when I was 18, I am now 21 , he was my first everything, sex, date, kiss, love. We dated on and off but so much has happened I these past 4 years, he moved away , went to the army, moved back, got a girlfriend, broke up after one month..than began dating a new one and now they are in a rel..

the thing is that we dated on and off and I'm very much in love with him but he probably sees me as a friend or I honestly don't even know,.

and during the 4 months he dated his new girl he kept talking to me wanting to meet me and being flirty etc..but than one day he got in a rel with her and I had enough so I ended all contacts with him and it was it I was done...

now 6 weeks later he texts me asking me how I'm doing and if he can come and visit me to see how I'm doing .. and being all nice and said I don't understand why we can't be friends..

i don't know why he won't let me go


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  • maybe he's just concern and kind enough to know how you've been without him. since he know;s that he has a hold of you and he knows that if ever he breaks up with that girl he has his rebound. some guys are just like that. I may sound bitter but reality bites