I need space but he still texts me good morning

Yesterday I had a huge argument with my boyfriend because of the small problems that built up. He called me and I kinda yelled at him for the first time ever. I broke his heart in pieces. I said I deserve better and so on. I felt terrible inside too. It feels like a breaking point for our relationship.. He asked if I was breaking up, and I said we needed time to think, and I needed space. He said okay, but this morning he sent me a good morning message. I feel smothered! I am not sure if I want to break up with him because I love him, but I really need some space. Feels like I can't breathe!

I haven't answered his text. Should I? How can I say him to back off without further breaking his heart? :(


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  • If you need the time then take it. Don't respond to his message.

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