Won't text me, but snapchats me?

I hooked up with this guy about a month ago, we weren't friends or anything it kind of just happened. We texted a lot before and a little tiny bit after the hookup. He went on vacation for 2 weeks right after we hooked up and would constantly send me snapchats of his vacation and even sent me a picture of when he landed. 2 days after I texted him asking how vacation was...no response, yet he continues to send pics. I deleted his number cause I was so pissed off. I know you can send snapchats to multiple people but he is selecting my name...if he doesn't want anything to do with me...why even bother? It's rude and annoying...I'm about to send him some snapchats of MY adventures!


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  • Some people send out mass snapchats. I'm sorry if he's ignoring you. Better to move on.

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