Should I try to reconnect with this girl after she "probably" blocked me on Skype?

The story began when I first viewed the profile of this girl on a dating site (but didn't wink at her or send her a message), and after she saw that I viewed her, she viewed my profile and sent me a message saying that she would be very interested in getting to know me. I replied that we can chat sometime, we exchanged numbers, I suggested whatsapp, and she preferred Skype..but the thing is that there is an 8-hour time difference between us, so when she sent me something on Skype I was at work, sleeping or busy and when I reply most of the time she wouldn't be available too. We never had a chance to have a decent chat. Lastly she sent me something, I told her that I was busy and suggested the following day to chat, and she said OK, however the next day when I opened Skype her profile pic was gone and "resend contact request" appeared at her profile, so I guess she blocked me.

The thing is that she was very intersted in me at first, and now she blocked me.

So did she do that because she got frustrated that we couldn't have a decent chat or maybe she thought I'm trying to avoid her?

And do you suggest that I send her a message on her dating profile?


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  • Well I can't assume to know why she did this but I personally wouldn't send her another message. I mean to me if someone was genuinely interested they would have the patience and desire to work it out to make that time for each other. If she gave up that quickly well.. you know lol... I'd just move on.

  • It's hard to say why she did that, but it could be either of your reasons. If you had a good conversation with her on the dating website, it's more likely that she was just frustrated that there was no time for a decent conversation. With some people, lack of easy/reliable communication opportunities is a deal breaker.

    I don't think you should send her a message on her dating profile. If you have to resend a contact request, she took the time to remove you from her list. I'm sorry if that sounded harsh. I think she should have told you before she did it, but the fact is that she didn't. She did make her feelings clear when she removed you from her friends list. It's kind of like when a person you're dating pulls a Houdini and ends things by seemingly dropping off the face of the Earth.

    I think it shows lack of character on her part. You deserve better. Don't message her on the dating website. Find someone worth your time.


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