Issues with age-difference and misc....


I'm dating this guy who are in is early 40's.

I'm in my early 20's.

I also suspect there's a girlfriend, which he denies, and still dates me. (slept together on the 5th date, we're now on the 7th date).

I wouldn't ask if I didn't really like this dude...


Update: no girlfriend, anymore. Still feel like a trophy, which I'm not. Getting a college degree with pre-admissions to med-school, I'm fine, gonna do great, but people keep judging us, me beeing 23 and him being 41. Is this wrong? (No girlfriend anymore)


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  • The only issues I had is that a lot of people judge, and if you or him couldn't cope with it, it will destroy the relationship. Other than that if you're mature and have a good time then that's all that matters. Although if he has a girlfriend surely that would doom this regardless of any other factors.


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  • Congrats on being a trophy girlfriend. It CAN work but most likely WONT work. You two are in two totally different areas of your lives. Why would you want to be with someone who is going to be too old to do anything when you are still so full of life? I mean think about it he will be in his 60s when you are 40 and his 70s when you are 50.

    • That's why I said I had to think about stuff. He recently prpposed. I'm at a numb. Don't know what to say, Anymore. Can't marry the subject. Can't continue sh*t, but scared of leaving...

  • I pray and hope this is not me when I get older

  • Early 40s and tapped on the 5th date? He's the man! You on the other hand..

    If he's avoiding getting serious with you, he probably doesn't want that. But all guys are gonna want a young piece of tail.

    • Actually, he just asked me to marry him.. Omg...

    • On the 7th date this question is asked, and on what.. the 10th date he asked for marriage? Quality stuff.

  • When you're his age you'll have two sets of diapers to change!


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  • take things slowly with him until your questions have been answered

  • i dated someone 11 years older. he was perfect but your parents will have hell to give you.