This guy is super confusing?

So we met online and immediately hit it off great! We texted and he'd always use the :))))) thing. Well we Skyped a lot and we'd Skype for hours until the sun came up. It never got boring. And then I invited him to my local fair, and it was perfect! He listened to everything I said and even though we had no money we made the most of it. And then after the fair we went and sat on a hill at a park and watched the sun set and laid under the stars just talking. Then we madeout and then we both had to go home, so he drove me home and with a hug he said "Text me! Don't be a stranger!" So we texted for two days, but his texts didn't have as many smileys and they seemed short to me. So I decided to just stop and he never texted me, so I assumed we were done.

Well, (as a visual) we stopped texting on Sun. and we both went to the same hard rock concert on Sat. Thinking we were done, I was mad and didn't look at him(or at least have him catch me looking at him hahah). Well throughout the concert, he kept staring at me and my friend. Once we were even back to back in a mosh pit. Well, we ended up passing each other for the 100th time and I was rubbing my neck cause it really hurt, and he just flat out stared at me with a very concerned look. And then at the end, he pushed through the crowd and was all "HEEYYY!" and we hugged and talked a little. He ended up protecting me and my friend, then my friend left and we kinda talked a little. He would barely touch me though, just a VERY gentle hand on my waist just to guide me back to in front of him and then it dropped. And at most he'd just tap my shoulder to talk to me.

When it ended he said he had to go find his friends so we hugged and he said VERY pointedly to text him. Immediately after the concert he texted me. And then today (the day after the concert) I texted him and after a while, he just didn't reply and he didn't text me again.

I'm so confused and I really like this guy! Please help me out! I'm horrifically confused as to what this guy thinks!

Why is he so weird with texting now? And what should I do?


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  • He definitly likes you... but he's an idiot. maybe he lost interest after the make out or feels awkward about it?

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