Trying to get back into dating where to find singles?

I got my heart stomped about a year ago and I'm finally ready to get back into dating but all of serious boyfriends I have known since I was in high school even now that I'm in college. I want to meet a new group of guys and just some new friends. The only problem is I work nights so I'm not into the bar and party scene. So any different ideas?

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  • It depends on the type of guy you're looking for. For example if you want a bookish guy, go to a book-store.

    But bear in mind that guys don't tend to approach girls except in bars, nightclubs, etc. So unless you get really lucky, most likely you're going to have to do the approaching.


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  • The best way to meet good potential singles for a relationship is through mutual friends. Join a club with friends or go out with friends where they would invite other people. Let your friends know that you are back in the game too. I've seen it work. Big group of friends hang out and one or two new faces hit it off

  • Join a club. That's the easiest way to go and also have fun at the same time. Try something you would never try.

  • Anywhere and everywhere.


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