Confused if she is acting off with me, or if I am over thinking?

So this girl I like was acting a bit off with me, I asked what was up, no reply. Then I apologized as I assumed it was me over teasing her.

She sent:

"I'm so sorry.. I don't want you to think you need to be sorry. I'm sorry if I've been grumpy I'm just snowed under with exams and stuff and been working so much, I don't have time for anything. I don't want you to think you've done anything wrong at all! By Sunday I'll be all done and free to speak to you.. I'm sorry xxxxx"

So 4 days after, I decided to text her a day after Sunday saying "Hope your exams went good, you're the cleverest girl I know xxx". She replied with "Thanks babe", then I replied "No problem".

Am I over thinking it that she doesn't seem interested? She was giving me quite a few x's on her texts, then I did and she randomly isn't putting any? Was her response a bad one?


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  • First of all, you are acting way way too available, needy , and interested. I still don't get why you thought you needed to apologize. Seems like you're trying to show this girl that she's the only girl in town.

    Stop the more texting rights for you! Either date this girl, or leave her alone dude! Call and ask her out...she can take it or leave it.

    • Because after my joke she started acting off. When I pasted the texts, someone said I was overly competitive and teased her too much.

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    • I don't get that, I understand texting is easier to say anything because it's the easiest form of communication. Couldn't see just say it "for the sake of it" with her voice just as easily?

    • Many times people will say things they do not mean...just to be flirting, or so they'll keep getting attention from you. Back when I didn't know better this girl would texting me, calling me a whole bunch of flirty names. She told me all kinds of "good" things. But, when I asked about a date...all I got was excuses.