I can't figure him out, help me

For the past few months, we've been texting, talking... But 2 weeks ago we saw each other almost every day and we made out (nothing more than that, but could be). Then I went on vacation with my family and now that I'm back, he won't text me back or anything. What happened? Should I text him again? And what? (I texted how he's been like 2 days ago..).

Thanks for helping :)


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  • i think you should call him.

    did you tellhim you were going away?

    did you contact him while you were away?

    is it possible he's really busy or going through something?

    • Yes he knew, we were together the night before I went away. And I did text him while I was away and got no reply. I keep thinking that if I stayed home everything would be different... And I don't think he is busy with anything, I just don't get what happened here

    • well you shouldn't have to sit in your house andnever do anything for a relationship to function. have you tried calling him? I'd almost be worried. have you seen fb posts by him recently? do you talk to or see anyone of his friends?

  • Wondering the same things


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