Should I wait for her to get back in touch? Confused by her actions?

Girl I like sent me a very long text last Thursday apologising for being busy and acting grumpy as she had work and then exams, then she ended the text with "I'm sorry xxxxx"

So today I texted her "Hope your exams went good, you're the cleverest girl I know xxx". She replied quickly with "Thanks babe", then I replied "No problem".

Then I realized that my response was bad and I wanted to actually talk to her, so 20 minutes later I sent "Police are looking for trouble makers, what trouble you been up to?"

I haven't had a reply. She said by Sunday she'd be all done and free to speak, I don't get it?

I am getting on with work at the moment, so when she wants to reply she will. I just don't get why she was using a lot of x's replying immediately to using no x's and just saying "Thanks babe" and to not getting a reply?

I'm scared I look desperate to her now. Am I over thinking?


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  • Yes, stop over thinking. from what youve said you don't sound desperate. Just wait a bit like a week or two, send a one word text and play it cool

  • I have the opposite problem. What ever happened with your situation?


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